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Before takeoff 

During the trip 

Instructions to passengers before takeoff


This activity demands that the passenger feel in good condition. 

Check life jackets, tighten straps and belt.


Expect hard and unecpected movement 


Pregnant 3 months on the way or more, or people with problems wit their backs, knees, neck or other physical problems must let the captain know 


Drunk people is not allowed to join the tour  


Don't lay all your load on your ass, use your feet to absorb the power of the waves so you don't hurt your back. 

Bend your knees if you need/want to stand up.

Hold on.

Don't move around in the boat while driving.

Watch your friend on your side, let the captain know if somethings wrong.

It someone falls into the ocean, tell the captain and point the passenger all the time. 

Hold your head up, don't bend down.

In emergency, keep calm and listen to the captain.

Romsdal Ribsafari i nydelig solnedgang
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