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Romsdal Ribsafari 

Åndalsnes and Romsdalen is known for their spectacular nature, narrow fjords, steep and majestic mountains.

Romsdal Ribsafari is a new company started by locals who want to show what Romsdalen has to offer, we combine speed and excitement with history and culture. We deliver a brand-new attraction that no one has done before in Romsdalen

Visjonen vår er at alle skal ha muligheten til å oppleve vakre Romsdalen fra sjøen

Our vision is to provide everyone with the opportunity to experience Romsdalen at its best.

Guidene har utdanning og vi tar sikkerhet på allvor

Our guides have education to drive RIB-boat up to 12 passengers with safety course

Deltakere klar til å delta på en spektakulær tur med Romsdal Ribsafari
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